Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Treat

So I tried a shorter video! We were all set up for the Easter egg hunt at our house and Leilah popped open one of the eggs "hidden" on the ground and stuffed a jelly bean in her mouth! She knew I'd take it away so she made a run for it! lol You can hear her cute giggle toward the end of the video :) :) :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leilah 5 1/2 months!

She is so much fun and HAVING so much fun! :) Sorry it's sideways, I couldn't figure it out! lol

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Leilah "Talking"!

So here is our adorable little Leilah! :) We love her so much!!!!! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We love to play and have fun! Here are some photos of us!

Birth Parent Letter

Dear Friends,

We would first like to express our gratitude to you for considering adoption. This is a very difficult decision and we know it must be a hard time for you. Please know that we think of you often and pray that you will be guided to know what is best for you and your child.
Our family began in 2001 when we were sealed in the Manti Temple. Hayden was all smiles and I was all tears. We both knew we wanted little ones in our home, but it took much longer than we planned. After many doctor visits, prayers and tears we were inspired to look to adoption. We were blessed with a beautiful and amazing little girl! Both of us never knew you could feel such love so instantly. She was and is a daily miracle in our life. We feel the same longing for another miracle; to have that tiny hand grasp our finger, or the soft coo as a sweet child falls asleep in our arms.
Hayden and I wanted to share with you why and what we love about each other, and hopefully by doing so give you a little insight as to whom we are. There are some people who instantly make an impression when you first meet; Hayden was like that for me. I believe the first thing that drew me to him was his humor. Each moment was full of a joke, a smile, a silly reply that kept me smiling through our first date as well as the past 8 years. Every moment we are together his charm grows more apparent to me and my love grows for him. I love that he is and will always be the favorite uncle, playing football, steal the flag, dodge ball or tag at all the family gatherings. I love that as we leave a store I get to the car first and cannot see him for a moment only to spy him helping an elderly woman to her car; forever a boy scout. I love that Hayden is an avid outdoorsman, rock climbing, backpacking, playing sports, but at the same time I constantly catch him reading books and laugh each time he says excitedly, “did you know that…” when he finds a new interesting fact. But above everything the two things I love most are his love for me; the texts he leaves, the help he lends when it’s most needed, the soft hugs or big tackles that he gives right when I need them; and the moments I see him spinning, chasing, and laughing with Hallie.
The most adorable thing about Cheyenne is that she gets a mischievous look in her beautiful blue eyes that carries to the very corner of her mouth when she gets caught having a spoonful of her favorite peanut butter ice cream. She is passionate about food and has helped our daughter catch that fever. We enjoy home cooked meals worthy of the food network, and on St. Patrick’s Day we devoured a green feast fitting a leprechaun king. Cheyenne pulls from her vast bags of talents to teach and play. On a recent hike along a stream we stomped through wet slushy snow, slid through mud, and crossed over a single log bridge over the small stream. At each point Cheyenne taught Hallie where snow came from, how mud forms, and complete safety when doing something new and challenging. She naturally teaches to the age and level that Hallie is at. Cheyenne is also beyond patient, as witnessed by our eight years of marriage and me not having spent one night on the couch. The sun shines through her, it radiates from her and one can feel of her warmth and love just standing next to her. She is love, she is compassion, she is my best friend.
We have several goals for the future, both fun and practical. Traveling is one of our favorite things to do and we plan on expanding our destinations. We’ve loved seeing Washington D.C., Myrtle Beach, San Diego, and Japan together and have a huge list of places still to go. Running has also become a goal and a passion. In 2005 we crossed the finish line in St. George’s marathon, 26.2 miles, holding hands and smiling. We’ve run several 5k’s and 10k’s together and are currently training to run the Myrtle Beach Marathon. Another goal and important aspect of our life of is our desire to constantly gain knowledge. Hayden is studying and applying to Medical School and I have taught elementary school for 6 years. We’ve always planned on me being a stay at home mom, so now I’m lucky enough to enjoy squishing play dough and experimenting with sidewalk chalk with Hallie. We love to read books as a couple and family, and I am an expert quizzer for Hayden. :) Our most important goal is to have a family and raise them to be faithful, kind, loving, fun, independent people.
There are a lot of things that Hayden and I love! He loves deserts! When he suggests we should go camping he pictures a beautiful desert with rocky passes and boulders to climb. For our third date I watched Hayden play in a city league soccer game and his passion for sports hasn’t lessened at all. He loves to play and watch sports, cheering louder that most, especially at our nephew’s baseball games. He’ll pass on ice cream, but never says no to a chocolaty brownie or a good steak. He doesn’t like to swim but can’t stay away from the beach. He’ll boogie board, skim board, or just enjoy the waves. Hayden is an entertainer and loves to make people laugh, keeping us guessing and laughing everyday!
Cheyenne loves spending time surrounded by mountains of pictures, sparkly papers, buttons, ribbons and glue. We have photographed memories recorded by her hand in scrapbooks containing perfectly placed pictures along side flowers and fancy handwriting. Surprises make Cheyenne’s face light up like a Christmas tree. For any event I can tell her right where her presents are hidden and she will avoid that area like the plague so she can be surprised when she opens them. I can’t help surprising her when it makes her smile!
Adoption has been an enormous blessing in our lives and we would like to share some of our feelings with you. We both knew when we got married that we wanted to have several children, but after trying for years and visiting many specialists we worried we would never have the family we dreamed of. That is, until we met Hallie’s birthmother, she started our journey and we hope to continue that journey through the love and help of other birthmothers. Hallie’s birthmother chose us a couple of months before she was due with Hallie. We enjoyed writing emails and visited with her twice before she went into labor. After Hallie was born we continued to email and send pictures. When Hallie was about 3 months old we met with her birthmother again for lunch and had a great time talking of all the things Hallie was doing. We met two more times and continued sending pictures and emails. A little after a year she got married and her responses to us slowed down. She never mentioned wanting us to stop sending information so we have continued to send pictures and write all the adorable things our little girl is doing. We felt very comfortable with Hallie’s birthmother and more than anything so blessed that she helped our family grow. Our biggest concern when in comes to openness is that the child is blessed and our birthmother is comfortable and has what she needs from us. We would be completely open to having similar contact with our next angel birthmother. Adoption is a miracle. Without adoption and loving birthmothers there is no way we could experience the joy of having a full home.
We are so grateful for you taking the time to look at us as a couple and family. We know this is a difficult decision. You are continually in our thoughts and prayers.

Hayden and Cheyenne

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